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Sierra & Spears, PLLC represents governmental entities, private entities and individuals in a wide range of litigation throughout the State of Texas.

  • The attorneys with Sierra & Spears, PLLC handle cases representing cities, governmental entities, private individuals and corporations in a wide range of litigation from trial through appeal.  Such litigation includes but is not limited to, employment litigation (Whistleblower Act, EEOC matters, wrongful termination), tort litigation (Texas Tort Claims Act, motor vehicle accidents, and premises defects), land use litigation (zoning and permits) as well as annexation litigation between cities and individuals.  
  • Sierra & Spears, PLLC also represents individuals in family law matters, criminal matters and represents private corporations in complex litigation as well as general counsel services.


  • As part of our efficient and personal business model which utilizes the most current technology, we are able to offer a high level of skill, passion and dedication at competitive rates.
  • In addition to the skill, enthusiasm and dedication of the attorneys, the firm maintains the necessary software and research materials to provide up to date legal opinions and memorandums.


  • The attorneys at the firm have a combined 38 years experience representing clients in complex litigation with dedication and passion for the law.  Our attorneys have litigated several cases from trial through appeal.

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